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Managing the Cashier Check-Out Line

Over the years, we have had a long sales check-out line for various reasons: 1) Not having enough cashiers at the beginning of the sale, 2) the school's network quitting, 3) our computer system quitting, 4) new volunteers not understanding the process and system right from the start of the swap, 5) the Shops not providing a complete or accurate inventory of the goods they provided 6) and more. A major issue that we plan for of course is having 2000-2500 people in the first 3 hours.

A long check-out line causes us to lose money and you, the customers, to lose time so it is something we do our very best to avoid. 1) I believe that we have the computer and network issues are resolved but of course will test. 2) We have greatly improved the software so it is easier to learn, more flexible and more foolproof. 3) We have simplified the processes again to make them easier to learn and more foolproof. 4) We are doing more early training this year to be ready up front. We are providing better quick learning guides as we have a continual flow of volunteers. 5) We also will have a full set of check-out stations online and ready from the very beginning so the line never builds.

Thank you for your suggestions and input in the past. We hope to make this is the smoothest and best swap ever. If there are any glitches, we will do our very best to quickly resolve them. Please be patient with our volunteers, their work makes this all possible.

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