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Gear Quality Guidelines


We do not accept anything that appears unsafe or broken or filthy!


We also do not accept:

  • Skis / Bindings

    • Bindings over 10 years old - basically not safe - If they look wrong, they probably are

    • Straight skis - not fun, hard to use except high end, people should not be using these

    • Skis over 190 cm - exceptions for very specialized and high end skis (powder, race, xc)

    • Very dirty, rusted edges - Clean them up or don't bring them

    • Used without bindings as they just do not sell - exceptions for nice very special and high end skis

  • Step-in Snowboard Bindings and Boots

    • We do not accept old Switch, K2, Ride, Burton step-in bindings (do accept new Burton step-ins)

    • Boards with step-in bindings do not sell.  Take them off, throw them away

    • Also boots with step-in bindings do not sale

  • Ski Boots

    • Over 10 years old

    • Cracked, badly worn, broken bails - We can not and will not sell them

    • Dirty, smelly - Clean them if you want to sell them

  • Clothing

    • Badly soiled - Clean them

    • With broken zippers or ripped, missing buttons/snaps

    • No used socks or underwear

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