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Newport High PTSA Ski Swap

Shop Terms & Conditions

Commercial ski/snowboard shops can participate in the Ski Swap, subject to the following conditions:

  1. You set the sales price. Once in our inventory, the price shall not be reduced by the Newport PTSA.
  2. The price must be in dollars, no cents. It greatly simplifies accounting for us, an all volunteer organization.
  3. The PTSA shall keep 22% of the sale price of each article sold.

  4. The PTSA shall collect tax on the items sold. We shall provide a single check for payment of inventory sold which shall consist of 78% of your total sales plus sales tax on 100%.

  5. Neither the school nor the PTSA will be responsible for damage or loss of equipment. No reimbursements will be made. Reasonable precautions (full time security, inventory management, cash management) will be taken to reduce these risks.

  6. Check-in of articles shall be on the day or or day before before the sale at the times listed in the Registration form.

  7. The seller must claim unsold articles after the sale final day evening. Any unsold items that are not claimed can be disposed of at the PTSA's convenience. If the inventory is identifiable, you will be notifed and can pick it up.

  8. The PTSA shall calculate total sales and taxes after the sale. A check for goods sold plus tax will be sent to your registered address unless otherwise noted (you can pick it up) within 5 to 7 days of the sale.

  9. All checks must be cashed within 30 days of the sale or become a donation to the PTSA.

  10. Any supplier expecting sales over $4,000 must supply at least one salesperson for each $10,000 of expected sales. Knowledgeable sales people are critical for the for both your and our success.

  11. Ski and Snowboard Store personnel must help customers select the equipment that best meets their need, not just the equipment from their shop. Failure to do so may result in a request to leave the sale and may also result in the store not being asked back to next year's sale.

  12. Items from individuals and commercial suppliers will be intermingled on the floor, separated only by type of equipment (skis, snowboards, boots, etc.) and size. There are NOT separate areas to sale your goods.

  13. Inventory tags to identify all sale items must be pre-approved by the PTSA Swap Chair person. We may refuse entry on the day of the sale if the inventory is not properly tagged.

  14. We may not accept inventory from a shop with more than one type/size/color inventory tag.

  15. We reserve the right to refuse equipment that we feel is detrimental to the swap.

  16. You will send notice no later than 2 week prior to the swap if you can no longer for participate.

  17. You can make package deals and change the price by putting on new tags during the swap as long as the tags are registered in our database.

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