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Individual Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gear as well and how does that work?

Yes, the Newport Swap is a Consignment Sale so you 1) Register and price your gear, 2) bring it to Newport on the check-in days/times and 3) we make it available for sale and 4) pay you if it does.  See Individual Sellers menu.  

I forgot my user ID an/or password, what do I do now?

On the login screen under the Login button, click "Forgot your password".

I can not register my gear, Help?

Some people have had registration issues in Apple Safari. If so, try Chrome or Firefox or IE instead.  If you still have problems send an email to

I can not enter gear because I am stopped at the Logon screen?

Due to the craziness of the internet today, sites will get blocked by various  security software.  Easiest is always to try with a different browser but if that does not work, try adding "" as a "Trusted Site".

I am logged on, now what?

After Registering or logging on, you should be on the "Inventory" screen.  You can now enter or change gear already entered. 
** Save your user id and password, you will need it several times **

How do I print my Inventory list?

After clicking "Download Inventory", an inventory list is downloaded in Excel format which you can open and print.  Or use your browser Print function which is found on the "..."dot, dot, dot" or "---"dash, dash, dash" browser menu on upper right which will print the screen.


Do I print my own barcodes/gear tags?

No, we print them and put the barcode labels on an inventory tag which we then put on the gear when you drop it off.

How do I Logout?

There is a Sign Out button on the upper right or simply close the browser window.

How do I price the gear?

You price it. See Pricing Guidelines. To sell the used gear, it must first be clean, complete and not ripped or broken. Skis, snowboard, and boots drop by 50% each year ($400, $200, $100, etc.).  Clothing generally drops 60% first year ($200 to $120). There will be brand new gear in every category. Helmets for instance sell from $40-100 new at the swap. Last year's $60 helmet would be $20-40 unless scratched/marked badly then maybe $15.


Is anyone available to help price gear?

See example Gear from the 2021 swap for examples.  We do have people that have helped for many years but first please look at the Pricing Guidelines, talk with friends and pre-register.  You can also send an email to and we will respond.

What gear can I bring?

See Quality Guidelines.  Pretty much any snow sports gear as long as it is serviceable. We do not accept very old and worn gear for sale but do have a ski recycler so we take all skis. Ski boots that are heavily worn on the toes and heels, are cracked or in bad shape are not accepted. Clothing items with major stains, broken zippers or missing buttons are not accepted.

Will there still be a good selection on the 2nd day?

We sell about 60% of the gear on the 1st day but we start with around 10,000 items so there will be a huge amount of gear left.  It will look much bigger on the 2nd day than most if not all swaps or sales that you have ever been to on the 1st day.

Can I bring matching items attached together?

People try attaching matching Pants and Jackets but try as we may, they get separated when people are trying them on and then one of the items can not be sold without a tag. People may not like the combination but would buy a single piece. Another that has been tried is snowboard/binding/boot combinations. Also specialized step-in bindings will keep people from buying the board.  We of course recommend selling boards with bindings (sell better) but not with boots attached, same for XC gear. Customers often need a different boot or similar one of a different size.  

Is the gear marked down on the 2nd day?

There are no mark-downs or discounts.  

Can we buy unsold gear on Monday during unsold gear pickup?

You can wait for the person picking up the gear and make an offer.  You can tape a note to the gear to have the buyer contact you.  If the item is already "Donated" and there is time, we can take cash.

What if I have a problem or need Help during the swap?

There is a HELP/PROBLEM desk in the Main gym (ski, snowboard, boot) where you entered and in the clothing and accessory gym by its entrance.

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