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Introduction - Ski and Snowboard Shops

Thank you for your desire to participate in the Newport High School PTSA Ski Swap.

Note: We will have the same set of shops again this year and are not currently accepting any new requests to join the Newport Ski Swap. Before you fill out the shop registration form, contact:


The swap income was way up down a bit last year after the break due to the pandemic and the supply shortage.  The prospects are looking good for another great year. We are continuing our advertising to help with that.  Our customer survey showed that we had a good cross-section of zip codes again.  Over the years, we gone from 90% of customers from Bellevue to now a bit under 60% from all of the east side. We are getting customers from all over the state from Bellingham to Olympia and the Islands to Cle Elum), even some folk from BC, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Changes this year - School is closed on Friday so we are starting the sale at 1 pm with shop check-in 9-12.  Both Friday and Saturday, we like to open 15-30 minutes before the stated time.  Actual closing time is generally 30 minutes after the stated closing time.  If the pent up demand requires it, we may push past 30 minutes.

We will make our very best effort to get checks to Ski/Snowboard Shops by the Thursday following the swap. As always, it will be a challenge.  

The goals of the Ski Swap are:

  1. To provide income for the Newport High School Parent Teacher Association. This money is used for unfunded educational needs. The Newport Ski Swap has earned over $1,000,000 for the PTA and school since 1991. This is provided to the school via staff grant requests for items needed but not funded.

  2. To reduce the cost of the riding/skiing experience for the students (and parents) of the community surrounding Newport High School.

  3. To get more people in the mountains and keep this industry growing.

  4. To provide an opportunity for students (and parents and neighbors) to sell skis, snowboards or accessories which they have grown out of physically or through increased skill level.

  5. To provide interested students an opportunity to learn about setting up and running a small business.


The Newport PTSA has a long tradition of providing a needed service to our snow sports community and of providing the teachers with additional funds for items which are beyond the state provided budget.


Registration - This is a long running swap.  We only take Washington shops and prefer local area ski and snowboard shops that can provide service after the swap.  We have a good variety of shops already, some that have been with us for 30+ years.

We are currently not accepting additional shops.
Filling out the registration does not guarantee entry into the swap.
The registration must be filled out at least 1 month prior to the swap to participate in the Swap.


Thank you in advance for your participation. It is a great service to our community and critical to getting people started in a fabulous sport. We are looking forward to a positive and profitable relationship with you and your business.

PS. I also am a snowboard instructor and an instructor trainer. It is hard to fully describe what we see in first year students when they begin to understand the exhilaration and the balance of the "in control/out of control" feeling which exemplifies our sport.  Having poorly fitting or bad equipment makes learning much harder.  Many students have also never been in the mountains regularly which for me is such a big part of living in the Puget Sound region.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Thank you,
Don Meyer
Newport PTSA Swap Chair

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