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Individual Seller's Consignment - How It Works

Register Gear ~ Seller Faq ~ Quality Guidelines ~ Pricing Guidelines ~


The Sale - We call this a SWAP (people swapping old for new) but it is actually a Consignment Sale. This means convenience for the seller as you don't have to hang around trying to sell or trade your gear. In the mean time, you can get to the ball game or whatever else is going on. We have a low consignment rate of 25%, you get 75% of the price you put on the item.  Gear is not marked down ever by us.


You can, of course hang out with us and volunteer to help run the swap or sell gear and you can also look for something new or used to replace the items you are selling.

The Register Gear page provides a "Register / Status" link to our Inventory and Sales system.  It provides information about dates, times and how to register yourself and your gear so we can track your gear status to provide information and payment.  It also provides information about Gear Drop-off, Unsold Gear Pickup, and Payment for Sales. 

We work you you at Gear Check-In to put the tags on your equipment. 

Exception: If you have 35 or more pieces of gear, contact to get your tags early.

  Tag Training Video

Thank you for participating in our swap whether volunteering, buying, selling or all three. 
We do our very best to make this a great experience.  
The many volunteers also thank you for your patience and understanding.

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