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Pricing Guidelines


Guidelines, definitely not rules!   **Individual Gear  Examples**

  • Used gear, even in very nice shape is worth less than you think it should be.  Skis, boots, snowboards lose 1/2 of its value each year. $400>200>100. Bottom for good gear is $40-$50. There will be brand spanking new middle-of-road gear for ~$200.

  • Clothing loses approximately 3/4 of its value the first year. $400>100>50. Bottom is $20-$30. There will be brand new middle-of-road gear for ~$100.

  • When you price it, remember that the Swap consignment fee is 25%.

  • You never know exactly what someone will pay for gear but ask yourself what you might be willing to pay.  Set it to 10-15% less than you would be willing to pay.

  • Important Question: Do you want it back if it does not sell for a specific price?
    * Set it to the least price that you are willing to take.

  • The corollary: Do you want it gone to a new appreciative owner? 
    * Price it 20-30% less than you think you would pay.

  • Sometimes things that we do not expect to sale does because it is the just right deal for someone.

    • Some swap customers know gear and know what the right price is.

    • Some great gear at a great price is still there at the end of the swap because the right person did not see it.

    • We sell around 70% of the used gear.

    • If it is dirty, ripped, or smells? * It will not sell... CLEAN IT or don't bring it.

  • Most people know a bit about the technology behind the gear but do not recognize the high end gear as you generally can not see the difference. 
    • * If it is high end, attach a card describing the value.


You have to decide whether you want to risk having it in the garage again
or if you are willing to take a bit less than you hoped for but have it enjoyed by someone else.

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