Swap Entry Process

We have had to make some changes due to covid mandates and to alleviate past negative swap experiences of a) 1000+ people queued, 2) 1 hour+ wait times and 3) parking challenges. 

Covid mitigation requirements

  1. King County Guidance, as of Oct 25 requires proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours for those 12+ for events over 500.
    Have photo ID and proof of vaccination or test available.

  2. Bellevue School District requires that all volunteers be vaccinated.

  3.  Properly worn Masks are required at all times.

  4. You must Sign up for scheduled entry times.


Swap Entry - There will be Entry that way and Queue here Signs

  1. Entry is restricted to 250 per 1/2 hour.  Past swap data shows that is near the max that we can reasonably handle both in the gyms and check-out/cashier queue.  Every year we get faster.  Please be efficient but your shopping time is not limited.

  2. The first hour, 5:00 & 5:30 slots are "1st Tracks", $10 person, $20 per family.

  3. Register for a 1/2 hour time slot or risk not getting in.  Each registration (name, email) can be for 1 to 4 people.  You can only register for 1 time slot.  If you have more people, register the others with a different Name & Email address.  Do not register children under 12.  E.G. 2 adults + 1 under 12 = 2 slots.   Please remove your registration from a slot if your plans change so others can sign up.  

  4. On arrival, go to the outside Registered Queue 1 (See map).   Please only enter that queue for the next 1/2 time slot shown on the signs.  If inclement weather, you may want to remain in your car until near the start of your 1/2 hour entry slot when it will be moving inside.  There will be shelters there. 

  5. New * In an attempt to get everyone inside and shopping within their registered time, we will start the queue check in and vaccine check process 1/2 hour early for each Entry Time.  For instance, we will start checking the Friday 5:00-5:30 queue at 4:30 and hopefully will be finishing around 5:00.  Anyone arriving after their start time (5:00) of the Current Timeslot (5-5:30) should go to the Current Timeslot (5:00) queue sign to be checked and join your inside time slot queue.  Customers for the next timeslot (5:30-6:00) will be lining up at the Next Timeslot (5:30) queue sign.  Once inside, there will be time to get your personal ID and vaccine or test information out so we can process everyone quickly. Note: The weather forecast does not look good.  There are some shelters to queue in but we have lost some to the storm.  Please be prepared.

  6. Some will not see this information and some may want to be in a time slot that was already full.  For the Not Registered for swap entry, there will be 2 choices, 1) Wait in the outside Not Registered queue.  If you choose to wait and the Registered queues go well (likely will) then we will pull people from this queue -- NO Guarantees or 2) Go online and register for an open slot and come back.  It is worth checking as we expect cancellations in all time slots.

  7. At the 1/2 hour or when the inside Queue 2 is entering the swap, the volunteers at the school's east entry door will 1) verify registration for the next 1/2 hour slot, 2) personal ID and 3) proof of vaccination (or negative covid test within 72 hours) for those 12 and over

  8. When verified, proceed to the inside Queue 2 (See map).  Entry to the swap gear rooms is controlled, we generally let in groups of 50 to 100, based on gym and cashier capacity.  The Friday 5:00, 5:30 and Saturday 9:00 & 9:30 queues will enter as quickly as verifying proof  allows.  When inside, please be efficient finding gear but your shopping time is not limited.
  9. Please respect each other and our staff of volunteers.

Note: At the 2019 swap, we had 6,954 customers. Friday, 452/hour for 9 hours, Saturday 321/hour for 6 hours.  This year, students are in school on Friday so we have 4 less hours to sell which pushes customer limits further, particularly on Friday as the swap is only 5-9 this year.  We are doing everything we can to improve our processes and respect your time within the limits set for us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!
Newport High School PTSA and Swap Managers