~ 2022 Register & Status Gear ~ 
This is for
Individuals consigning gear only, not Snowsport Shops

Click "Register & Status Gear" to enter gear and get status of gear sales and checks

By Clicking "Register & Status Gear" above, you are agreeing to the following:


If you are having gear entry issues, see FAQs and Training


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Create a seller profile and register gear

  1. Gear entry is open thru Nov 9.    All inventory must be entered online.

  2. Gear Entry will be closed on Wed, Nov 9 at 9pm.  
    This gives us time to print and prepare tags for Check-in on Thursday.

  3. If you register gear then you are also agreeing to to pick it up on the pickup day/time. 
    Failure to do so is an implicit act of donating the remaining gear.

  4. Sign Up to create a seller profile or Enter your ID if you have already done so.
    We are using new software this year so your previous profile is not available.
    CRITICAL - Double check your home address as it is where we send your check/money.

    Save your User ID and password as you will need them again several times.

  5. Enter gear in the form and Press "Create Inventory" to add gear.
    If you have 50+ items, email skiswaphelp@gmail.com to have tags mailed or picked up.  Cutoff for this is Nov 7. You can tag your items at home making it much faster at gear drop-off.   Tagging Instructions  *Return all unused tags when you check-in.

  6. You get 75% of the Sale price.  There are no mark-downs during or after the swap.


Drop-off Gear - Nov 10, Thursday 5-9 pm or Friday 9-12 am

   Please come on Thursday if possible. 
    Friday drop-off is tougher for use as shops are bringing in gear and the swap is starting at 1:00.   

  • Drop-off is in the Commons, best access is west parking lot, use the west main entry doors.

  • Gear that is broken or no longer saleable (ski bindings primarily) will not be accepted
    Unsafe gear found during the swap will be set aside and available at Pickup.

  • There will be NO early or late check-in available.

  • If you want to donate gear let them know at Gear Check-In.

During and After the Sale

  • Check the sold status online during or after the sale.

  • If you do not wish to pick up unsold gear, please mark "Donate" online, preferably before Sunday at 10 am. 

  • Clothing donated is given to the needy thru several charities.  Other goods are sold to charities supporting ski & snowboard training for the disadvantaged.

Pickup Unsold Gear - Nov 13, Sunday 10 am - 2 pm

  • Again, check the sold status online before picking up.

  • Please come during pickup time 10-2.  After 2, your gear will be in a truck heading to storage.

  • We will be in the process of disassembling the swap in preparation for school the next day. 
    Your gear will be in the main gym by type as orderly as possible.  We will have volunteers to help.

  • Before coming, print your unsold gear list.

  • Before exiting, you will need to prove that the gear is yours and we will scan it to show it as picked up.

  • If you did not find an item at Gear Pickup, we will add a "Not Found" status. 

    • If it was later found its status will be in "Storage".   
      You will get an email with Date/Time and location where you can pick it up.  
      If you do not see an email Sunday morning, check your Junk folder

    • If not found, we will assume it was lost or stolen and provide you with a check.

Missed Gear Pickup, 2nd chance - Most have received this, if you have not, check Junk folder.

  • Watch for a Ski Swap email for Missed Pickup, Unsold Gear in Storage by Monday evening.
    The email will include where and dates/times to pick up your gear.

    If you do not pickup your unsold gear, it will be considered DONATED but please click Donate online.

  • If there was an unforeseen circumstance (accident, hospitalization, etc.) during  the 2nd chance pickup, send an email to skiswaphelp@gmail.com
  • We will hold the Not Sold Gear for 1 week after the sale.


Payment for Sales

  • You will be paid 75% of all equipment sold, not for equipment donated.

  • Log on to see Check Amount and Check status (written, mailed).

  • We will attempt to send your check within 2 weeks of the swap. 

  • Inventory sale status issues may cause us to send a second check when resolved.

  • If you have an issue, send Seller ID, your name, inventory number & equipment type to SkiSwapHelp@gmail.com. 

The Newport Ski Swap will:

  1. Manage your gear and sales income as securely as possible (police officer, security at doors, double processes, etc.)  People do still manage to switch labels and steal gear.  We will take all issues very seriously and do our best to treat our customers fairly.

  2. Print the tags with a barcode and attach them to the gear when you drop it off.

  3. Keep the Registration page active through December so you can check the status of gear sold and check sent. 

  4. We will send a reminder email after the sale to all who have gear to pick up.
    There may be a follow-up reminder for gear found that did not have a tag.

  5. We will hold the gear for 1 week to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

  6. We will send checks for sold gear within two weeks of the swap.
    If there are sales processing errors, we will send a follow-on check when it is resolved.


Ski/Snowboard Recycling - The ski recycler, Ski Artistry (brochure) will be at the swap. If you bring unsaleable skis or snowboards to the swap that are too old to be serviced by ski shops due to insurance restrictions and safety, Ski Artistry will recycle them for you.  If you have other gear, you contact them directly at any time via "Contact Owner" on the site, Ski Artistry.