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This is for Individuals consigning gear only, not Snowsport Shops

If you are having gear entry issues, see FAQs and Training


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By Clicking Register & Status Gear above, you are agreeing to these Conditions:
 ** Save your UserID and password as you will need them again several times **

  1. Bring your gear on Friday 4-9 pm or Saturday 7-9 am (How & WHEN)

    • If you have 25+ items, your inventory tags​ will be available at the Newport Thursday 4-9 pm so you can tag your items at home making it much faster to check-in your gear.   Tagging Instructions
      Also return all unused tags.

  2. Pickup unsold gear on Sunday 4-6 pm or Monday 10 am - 2 pm (How & WHEN)

    • If you do not pickup your unsold gear, it will be considered DONATED.

    • Check the sold status online.  Watch for a Ski Swap Unsold Gear email on Monday.

      ** Remember your Seller ID (ex: S12345) & Password

    • If there was an unforeseen circumstance (accident, hospitalization, etc.), send an email to skiswaphelp@gmail.com.

    • If gear is not found on Monday and not shown as sold, we will double check the inventory and records.  If it is still not found, we will assume that it was an error and will pay you as if it was sold (75%).

  3. Update the gear status to "Donate" if you do not intend to pickup your unsold gear.

  4. CRITICAL - Double check your address as we send your check to the address provided.

  5. You will get 75% of the Sale price.  There are no mark-downs during or after the swap.


The Newport Ski Swap will:

  1. Print the barcode labels and attach them to the gear when you drop it off.

  2. Keep the Registration page active through Nov so you can check the status of gear sold and check sent. 

  3. We will send a reminder email after the sale to all who have gear to pickup Monday.

  4. We will hold the gear for 2 weeks to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

  5. We will send checks for sold gear within two weeks of the swap.
    If there are sales processing errors, we will send a follow-on check when it is resolved.


Ski/Snowboard Recycling - The ski recycler, Ski Artistry (brochure) will be at the swap. You can bring old/unsaleable skis or snowboards to the swap during Gear Drop-Off that are too old to be serviced by ski shops due to insurance restrictions and safety.  Ski Artistry will pick them up and recycle them for you.  If you have a lot of gear, you contact them directly at any time via "Contact Owner" on their Etsy site, Ski Artistry.